” Dracula 2013 ” Brand new NBC series Started

is it great or failed…?


Dracula 2013 season 01

So what do you think of NBC ‘s new series – Dracula . Some say it’s a failure but some say it’s great start. I’d say it is a good start and we should see how is it flow . With in few episodes we will find out  where is it going.

Very first episode , the Grand pilot is aired 25 OCT 2013 with the title – The Blood is the Life. 

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who sexified history with his portrayal of Henry the VIII in The Tudors, takes the stage – and there is something very theatrical about this pilot – as Dracul, the cursed prince bent on revenge against those who murdered his wife and pillaged his homeland centuries ago: the ruthless Order of the Dragon. Historically speaking, the Order of the Dragon did indeed exist. It was founded to fight to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe, and Vlad III’s papa, Vlad II, was an active member.
In this version of the tale, the Order acts as more of an insidious illuminati of sorts, a network of privileged, aristocratic villains secretly controlling the fate of the world and getting rich off the blood and sweat of the many. Oh, and the Order moonlights as vamp hunters. As it turns out, the Whitechapel Fiend, Jack the Ripper, was an undead bloodsucker.

There is an excessive tone to the pilot that hearkens back to Coppola’s film, in fact. The dialogue is often heavy-handed and occasionally downright cheesy. The wire stunts, production design, and camerawork utilized in the horror sequences all feel reminiscent of a previous era and a rather old-fashioned depiction of vampires. On the whole, the performances are big, theatrical, and scenery chewing. The odious members of the Order are immediately vile, not so much in that they are cruel, but just in that they are repulsively snooty. This is not a series that dwells much in subtext.
For his part, Rhys Meyers seems born to play this role. Never one for subtlety, his performance is extravagantly sexual in nature and full of grand-scale emotion, which is befitting of Dracula. He has a naturally arresting presence and embraces the character with unabashed enthusiasm and flair. Unfortunately, he’s hindered by an American accent that simply doesn’t work. Dracula’s alter-ego, Greyson, is not as “American as God, bourbon, and guns,” as he attests, and Rhys Meyers’ struggle to hang on to that dialect by his fingernails is, unfortunately, fairly distracting. However, the actor does manage to, if not elevate, at the very least sell the less refined dialogue. His innate charisma and often unnerving sexuality is entertaining to behold.


According to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen, NBC won Friday in adults 18-49 behind the night’s top two scripted programs, “Grimm” (1.8 rating/6 share in adults 18-49 and 6.1 million viewers overall) and “Dracula” (1.6/6 in 18-49, 5.3 million viewers overall). so “Dracula,” won its hour in 18-49 and 25-54 (2.4/7).

Here are the Schedule air dates for Dracula 2013

1-01  25/Oct/13  The Blood is the Life [Pilot]
1-02  01/Nov/13  A Whiff of Sulfur
1-03  08/Nov/13  Goblin Merchant Men
1-04  15/Nov/13  From Darkness to Light
1-05  29/Nov/13  The Devil’s Waltz

for more info visit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2296682/

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