Better Call Saul

Return of the Walter white

For those who don’t have a clue, Better Call Saul is an American television drama series which was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould as a spin-off, prequel, and sequel to Breaking Bad. It airing on AMC every Monday @ 10.00 PM.

 Do I need to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ before ‘Better Call Saul’?

Those who haven’t watched Breaking Bad (shame on you) are likely plagued with a question of a very different kind: Do I need to watch Breaking Bad before watching Better Call Saul?

The origin series will track debauched criminal lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) in the time prior to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque. There, he eventually gives legal aid to Breaking Bad’s Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul).

Rhea Seehorn, who stars alongside Odenkirk as ambitious lawyer Kim Wexler, answered the questions above, and more, while speaking at EW’s Screen Actors Guild Awards party on Saturday.

EW: So you don’t have to watch Breaking Bad going into Better Call Saul, but would you recommend it?

RHEA SEEHORN: I would recommend watching Breaking Bad as a human being on the planet. I don’t think it’s necessary to study up. It’d probably be fun to check in with Saul’s first episode, but I don’t think it’s necessary at all. I think it makes some colorful background probably even more vibrant to you if you know that stuff. It would actually probably be a really cool experience to ask someone who never saw Breaking Bad and has no idea who Saul is what they think of this journey versus somebody that has.

Anyway I personally recommend watching at least season 01 of Breaking Bad while watching the Better call Saul. That will make great chemistry. It’s like playing GTA Liberty city Game after playing GTA IV. (You will only understand what I said if you are a true GTA FAN)

Is it Possible to see Walter white in Better Call Saul?


As you already know Better call saul is already renewed for season 02. So people now talking about possibilities that we can see Walter white once again.

The producers of “Better Call Saul” — the eagerly anticipated “Breaking Bad” spinoff — tell The News they’ve figured out a way to bring back meth-master Walter White, the schoolteacher-turned-drug lord played by Bryan Cranston.

Executive producer Peter Gould says that the show will feature scenes that move back and forth over several decades, including the era where Walter White cooked and sold crystal meth.

Initially, fans believed that the show would take place only in the 1980s and focus just on Saul, the wacky lawyer (played by Bob Odenkirk) who first appeared on “Breaking Bad.”

“One of the great things about having a time line which is flexible is that perhaps some of it takes place before ‘Breaking Bad,’ during ‘Breaking Bad,’ and after ‘Breaking Bad’. That gives us the ability to bring back characters that were killed on ‘Breaking Bad,’ ” he says

Do You know this guy from somewhere else ?


So we’ll wait and see how this amazing show flows and will keep our dream to see some old folks from breaking bad.

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