Best x265 Movie & TV Download site – psarips


Most of you already know about it. Maybe you are downloading your favorite TV episode from it while you are reading this post. Honoring Their work is the least I can do to appreciate their amazing work.

Now a day many used to download stuff from pirates. Whether it’s a movie or TV content its just a click away. But, so many hidden efforts were put in together to do so which many people unaware.

So today I thought I should mention about one group which does amazing work with limitless efforts to bring you the things you love with utmost quality. As you aware x265 encoding made digital world beautiful. Lower bit rate with Higher quality made anyone’s day better. (Read my post about x265 for more info)

Encoding isn’t easy as it sounds.It consumes more time,experience and experiments to find the ultimate recipe – the balance between quality and size.I know it from my own experience. (I’m not allowed to talk about it :D)

PSA is the group that I talk about today. You can visit their site HERE. Following are the reasons that I keep PSA on top of the game.

  • Encoding using x265
  • Always release content in HD
  • Release content simultaneously with SCENE.
  • Release same movie or TV from Screen version to Blu-ray.
  • Encoding multiple quality version of the same movie. (HQ 1080p , 1080p , 720p)
  • Always include the original soundtrack (8ch or 6ch)
  • Multiple download host availability

Their HQ content has a much higher bitrate which delivers crystal clear and crisp image. Usually 5-6 Mbps. (Similar to x264 10-12 Mbps)

Those are some of the reasons we love PSA. Visit their site and experience the novelty of its content and as well as the quality of the content. If you are already fans of PSA, please share your thoughts with me. If you are new to this, please comment your feedback after enjoying the site content.


4 responses to “Best x265 Movie & TV Download site – psarips

  1. Their leader is an extraordinary encoding genius who should be Bill Gate’s personal encoder, he seems to be a giant mushroom, I wonder.

    • But quality of PSA is better. I have checked so many release from different release groups but yet couldn’t find any thing close to PSA quality.Also I’m not affiliated with PSA or any other group. Just stating the facts.

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