The Flash Season 03 Episode 03 – Comic Reference


Who is Jesse Quick?  Who is Magenta in the new episode of The Flash?  

This Episode Begins with a Question; Does DC have another Speedster. If you dive into DC Universe you can find 04 male Flash characters and 01 Female Speedster.

  • Jay Garrick – The Golden Age Flash – 1st Flash of the 1940 s – Earth 2
  • Barry Allen – The Silver Age Flash – Since 1960 s – Earth 01
  • Wally West – The Kid Flash
  • Bart Allen – Impulse
  • Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)

Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)

So anyway, Jesse Quick a heroine with super-speed powers. She is the daughter of Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle; she would later go on to adopt her mother’s name. Her speed powers are accessed by speaking a special formula, although she also has her mother’s abilities. She has been a member of the Conglomerate, the Flash Family, the Justice League, the Justice Society and the Titans. Jesse Quick was created by Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck, first appearing in Justice Society of America (Volume 2) #1. (1992)


Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Justice Society of America(vol. 2) #1 (August 1992)
Created by Len Strazewski
Mike Parobeck
In-story information
Full name Jesse Belle Chambers
Team affiliations Justice Society of America
Teen Titans
The Conglomerate
Justice League
Notable aliases The Flash, Liberty Belle, Jesse Quick
Abilities Superhuman speed and strength (whether or not she can still fly, or use her mother’s subsonic bursts, is unknown)

Jesse Quick is part of many storylines. So obviously we can see some crossover event from CW Legends of Tomorrow since they are having some face time with JSA (Justice Society of America).

Magenta (Frankie Kane)


I know you think Wally and Frankie just met, but their story goes long way back. Frances “Frankie” Kane grew up in Blue Valley, Nebraska and was a close childhood friend of Wally West, the third Flash. Kane’s powers began to manifest in adolescence, beginning with small objects that levitated in her presence. Her power manifested explosively one night while she, her father, and her brother were driving on a narrow mountain road. When her powers went out of control, the car fell off a cliff, and Kane’s father and brother were killed. Kane’s superstitious mother blamed her for this and the other eerie happenings around the house. Believing her daughter to be possessed by the devil, she spurned her. With the help of Wally and the Teen Titans, Frances was able to gain some control over her powers, and the two became lovers in college.

Frances Kane was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. Her first appearance as Kane was in The New Teen Titans #17; as Magenta in Teen Titans Spotlight #16.

Super Name
Real Name
Frances Kane
Frankie The Magnetic Witch Frances Kane Magenta Francine Francis Kane
Character Type
First Appearance
Appears in
94 issues
Attractive Female
Blast Power
Electronic Disruption
Energy Shield
Force Field


Hope you enjoy the insight of The Flash new episode. Let me know if I missed something and feel free to comment your thoughts. Let’s meet after the next episode.


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