All New Ghost Rider TV Series with Robbie Reyes on Netflix

Don’t  you wanna see some fiery season of Robbie Reyes settling Scores


Agent of shield becoming more epic now a days because of its new Hero Robbie Reyes. Since the Ghost Rider making some dazzling  moments his own, why don’t we hope for spin-off.

Talking to IGN at New York Comic-Con, Gabriel Luna – who plays the fiery mechanic – didn’t rule out a solo adventure for the character, and offered his view on what that might look like.

“There’s been rumblings about that. It depends on how much you [the fans] love it. If you love it, we’ll make it,” he teased.

Luna has also already set his sights on fellow Marvel superheroes that his version of Ghost Rider could team up with.

“I love The Hulk. He was my favourite growing up,” he outlined. “Just the fact that Ghost Rider can ever go toe-to-toe with The Hulk is saying something. So, I’d like to see that.”

So don’t you love to see some of that. You do right?   🙂

Anyways, there were rumors about Netflix taking over Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight characters. Since their making Punisher series, which was being a rumor I’d say we have a chance with Ghost Rider too.  At the moment we can see Ghost Rider is a successful character in both Comics & TV.


Marvel’s newest Ghost Rider comic series is featuring Mexican-American teenager Robbie Reyes. Rather than proffering a deal with an arch-demon, Reyes is killed by gangsters while racing and becomes possessed by the spirit of his Satanic, serial killer uncle (shades of Richard Ramirez). Co-creator Smith claimed the latest ‘Rider’ isn’t cursed, though, explaining:

“Prior Ghost Riders were compelled to do good. Robbie makes the choice to do good things, because it’s the spirit who compels him to kill.”

Reyes also eschews the biker look, and is instead bound to his uncle’s former vehicle, the Dodge Charger-like car he was racing the night he died. As a result, the latest Ghost Rider drives a muscle car and his head has been reshaped into more of a helmet format – but it’s still his head. As a result, some fans have joked that the latest series feature a ‘Ghost Driver’ rather than Rider. Smith joked back, saying the world already “had Knight Rider, who was also a black car who talked to him.”

So, anyways hopefully Netflix will adopt this character and make the best out of it soon. Until then, let’s pray.



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