Spider-Man: Homecoming


After two middling Amazing Spider-Man movies starring the unfortunate Andrew Garfield, Marvel managed to make the masked wall-crawler feel fresh again, merely by introducing him into a more colorful and diverse universe of superheroes where Spidey is no longer required to beat up Flash Thompson, or grieve for Uncle Ben, every second movie.

We know that the all-new, all-different Spidey is continuing to get tactical support from Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark following the events of Civil War. Presumably this Steve Ditko-inspired winged suit is useful when you’re taking on a menacing flying monster, otherwise known as Michael Keaton’s villainous Vulture.


Also Zendaya doesn’t appear to be playing MJ after all: the distinctly non-red-headed young woman berating Peter Parker and his pal in the trailer is rumored to be named Michele. Could she be Michele Gonzalez, roommate and sometime love interest for Spidey in the comics? Will see.



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