Get Ready for the New Season of Sherlock Holmes

In Season 4 of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch’s dashing detective comes up against a new, never-before-encountered adversary. After having outwitted several criminal masterminds, infiltrated a Chinese smuggling ring, uncovered a military conspiracy, foiled a terrorist plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and faked his own death, it may be his greatest challenge yet—a baby.


Among the mysteries fans are currently salivating over is the hinted existence of a third Holmes sibling, possibly named Sherrinford (Gatiss: “Well. We’ll see. The clues are there . . .”), and the nature of the posthumous return of Sherlock’s arch-nemesis. (“Moriarty is dead,” Gatiss insists, adding, “More importantly, Sherlock knows exactly what he’s going to do next.”)

Spoilers aside, there’ll be the usual astonishments in store in Sherlock Season 4, whose three 90-minute episodes—“The Six Thatchers,” “The Lying Detective,” and “The Final Problem”—will air weekly in the U.S. from January 1 on Masterpiece on PBS. The last episode lifts its title from the original story in which the Sherlock Holmes character was killed off, plummeting off the Reichenbach Falls; the earliest promotional image for the season was of a violin with one of its strings broken.

What’s certain is that the series will feature a new villain in Culverton Smith (played by Toby Jones), whom Gatiss has described as “purest evil.”

The “Sherlock Season 4” premiere is to be air on BBC in January 1st 2017.



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